About Education

We believe in affording our students the unique opportunity to understand and embrace tomorrow’s technology today. They acquire bleeding edge skills in order to stay excited, engaged, employable and ahead of the technology curve.

To accomplish our goals, Crossfire employs instructors who are well-educated and leading practitioners in the IT industry. Their agile teaching styles, a combination of instructional and practical project-based learning, are geared toward ensuring that our students attain mastery of the subject matter.

We currently offer training in the technologies of advanced website and mobile app development. The specific technologies we teach are: HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, MySQL, Apache Server and Cordova (PhoneGap), IOS, Android, Java, Objective-C, X-Code, SEO, multi-device UI design, and voice-enabling mobile apps.
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  • Building Advanced Websites & Basic Mobile Apps

  • Building Native Mobile Apps for Android & IOS Devices

  • Crossfire is committed to outstanding education, and if you are interested in moving toward the bleeding edge of technology and education, please contact us at (914) 302-2900.